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You can hear below a wide variety of voice tones:

Guy Next Door, Youthful, Warm, Cartoon Character, Articulate, Educational, Conversational, Corporate, Accents!


Satisfied clients like NASA, Google, Discovery Channel, BBC Latin America, Colgate, AutoDesk, Bank of America,  Canon Coca Cola, Husqvarna, IBM, Iveco, John Deere, John’s Hopkins University, Kingston, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft , Mitsubishi, Nestlé, New Holland Tractor Manufacturer, Nikon, Nissan, Poker Stars, Renault, Sandoz, Samsung, Seadrill,  Symantec, UNESCO, Visa, Western Union and many others...

POWERFUL, VERSATILE PRO VO from Millennial to Movie Trailer, Fast, friendly...

Which one do you need? I can do it.
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