We are Emerson Sávio, a Brazilian VoiceOver, and Audio Production Company.

We provide VoiceOver Recordings in many languages, including yours, for:

Audiobook - Movie Trailer - Phone Message - Video Games - Commercials - Promos - Trainings - Podcast - Documentary - Radio imaging - In-store video - Animation - Toys.


We have our own studio and worldwide connected Voice Actors to deliver high-quality audio through the internet to producers in Brazil and abroad.
Producers and clients can direct and manage the recording session via ipDTL or other internet communication tools such as Skype, What’s App, or Hangout.​

Do you need a VoiceOver Recording In Portuguese? English? Spanish?, Italian? German? Mandarin? Japanese? Dutch? Arabic? Greek? Afrikaans? Albanian? Bengali? Bosnian? Bulgarian? Cambodian, Catalán? Chinese? Croatian? Czech, Danish, Finnish, Flemish, Georgian, Hebrew, Hindi? Indonesian? Javanese? Korean? Kurdish? Latvian? Malay?

We have it all!

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