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      VoiceOver service for all of your needs.

We firmly believe that there's a perfect voice for every project. Therefore, our top priority is to match the ideal voice actor with each unique message and story. This principle holds true whether it's a voiceover for eLearning, commercials, answering machines, videos, or computer games, and regardless of the language, with over 150 options at your disposal. Our extensive network of talented voice artists spans the globe, ensuring you can discover the precise voice that aligns seamlessly with your company's identity.

At Emerson Savio,  we are seasoned experts in the field of voiceovers, boasting over two decades of experience.

When we collaborate with you to identify the right voice, we meticulously consider the message, target audience, and your company's essence to deliver the perfect sound from the very beginning.


Audiobooks - Movie Trailer - Phone Message - Video Games - Commercials - Promos - Trainings - Podcast - Documentary - Radio imaging - Cartoon - Dubbing - Voice Synch, etc...

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